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Cafe Swiss 100 (a 2003 model) NOW SOLD

Well, here we have a new arrival, This CS100 has just arrived with only 13435 drinks on the audit! thats VERY low! So, I have taken it to pieces this afternoon, and cleared out all the dust and debris that accumulates with time, so its looking nice and fresh. re-assembled with new inner distribution collar, new steam
thermoblock sensor, new steam thermoblock fittings (the brass ones can leak when old (so a good thing to do!) New  brewer drive motor, the original had broken a mount, as the originals tended to do when the brewer hit the top point, took the brewer out and striped and rebuilt with new piston 'O' ring and exhaust valve (its a 2009 brew unit, barely used that I fitted last year during a service, so lots of life left yet) a new drive encoder had also been fitted then, so that is also good. both pump membranes are free of any corrosion, and no leaks anywhere. New air intake nozzle, from Z7 model fitted on the new style elbow (Excellent milk foam). Ready to go!

£850.00 delivered within 100 miles of TN40 or £795 collected from TN40

Demonstration and FULL instructions included.

Tub of 100 cleaning tablets and 30 Jura descale tablets included (if full price paid)