Jura Ena3

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The smart choice

JURA ENA 3 - Blossom White

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One-switch philosophy
Turn, press, enjoy. No-one could wish for any more intuitive and straightforward operation.

  JURA ENA - One-switch philosophy

Zero Energy Switch
This patented innovation disconnects the machine entirely from the electrical mains. This means ENA does not consume any energy in standby mode.

  JURA ENA - Zero Energy Switch

Height-adjustable coffee spout
With ENA 3, the double coffee spout can be adjusted smoothly between 65 and 111 mm. This means it can be adapted to all commonly used cup sizes.

  JURA ENA 3 - coffee spout

Multicolour plain text display
The ENA is equipped with a 3-colour plain text display. The colours display the status of the ENA.

  JURA ENA - Multicolour plain text display