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Jura X7-S

The key to making a fabulous cup of coffee is the grinding of the fresh coffee beans. So it’s just as well that the IMPRESSA X7-S comes with no fewer than two six-setting grinders and guarantees the best possible grinding quality at all times. After grinding, the Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.©) squeezes the last drop of flavour from every single grain of coffee and crowns each cup with a soft, velvety crema. But apart from performance, the IMPRESSA X7-S cuts a pretty fine figure, too, when it comes to looks. The red display, the cappuccino coloured draw-off buttons, the coffee spout in smoked chrome and the rounded drip tray blend harmoniously with each other.

Simple operation
The newly designed display is not only highly readable but also multilingual and comes with full instructions in no fewer than seven languages.Thanks to the Display Dialogue System, navigation through the integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programmes is unbelievably easy. Buttons you do not wish to be visible in the self-service area are discreetly concealed behind the programme panel.

Ultra stylish
Coffee specialities are more popular than ever.Which is why the IMPRESSA X7-S features a coffee spout with height adjustment that can be moved up and down to fit any size cup and the coffee speciality you wish to make.The machine prepares Cappuccino to the highest-possible standards without any need for moving the cup: all you have to do is push the button. Merely the sight of the wonderfully dense milk foam provides some idea of the perfect Cappuccino flavour and heightens the sense of anticipation of the enjoyment to come.

Designed to make approximately 100 cups a day, the IMPRESSA X7-S has two generously sized bean hoppers, each holding 650g of coffee, as well as a coffee grounds container for 40 portions.With its five-litre water tank and light weight, the machine can be transported easily from one location to another, from room to room, or even between floors. And, if necessary, the machine can of course be permanently connected up to the mains water supply.

The IMPRESSA X7-S can also be upgraded using a whole range of modular accessories such as a cup warmer, milk cooler, several billing systems, permanent connection to the water supply or a practical Catering Mobile, making it the perfect all-round coffee solution.

Richard Barnes,
13 Oct 2010, 14:55