New Machines


Cafe Select can offer a range of different machines to suit your individual requirements.
We have first hand experience of the suitability and reliability of most of the machines we supply.
The machines are broken into two categories.
Domestic machines will generally only be suitable for low output (up to 50 cups per day) outlets.
Commercial Coffee machines will handle 150 to 300 cups per day dependant on the machine (and operator!)
Within these categories are two sub-categories of:-
Bean to Cup machines, (like the XS90 pictured lower left) which as their name suggests, will grind fresh coffee beans and deliver a perfect espresso/cappucino/latte direct to your cup at the touch of a button and
Traditional Espresso Machines, (like the Iberital Junior bottom right) which make coffee by the traditional Barista method as seen in Costa, Starbucks etc. Whereby, fresh coffee beans are ground using a grinder and a 7gram dose is tamped into the handle and fitted to the machine, a button is then pressed to dispense the water through the coffee into the cup. Milk for Latte / Cappuccino is frothed separately using the steam arm.

Jura GIGA X9

Richard Barnes,
13 Oct 2010, 13:53
Richard Barnes,
13 Oct 2010, 13:34