Coffee Beans

              NOW AVAILABLE!!!!  QUALITY COFFEE BEANS                  

Coffee – it’s the world’s second most traded commodity (after oil), and the worlds favourite drink. It’s hard to imagine a caterer not serving it – not just cafes and restaurants, but even tea shops, vodka bars and ale houses.

Our aim is NOT to provide the cheapest coffee! SO if that is your requirement we suggest you head for the cash and carry!

BUT if your looking for high quality that keeps your customers coming back for more and telling others how good your coffee is, you will NOT be dissappointed! 

all Available to try in 250g bags at £3.50 per bag

Cafe-Select Super Crema Bean

A rich, smooth, full-roasted blend of South American and African

 arabicas and Indian robusta. Full-bodied and a liquorice sweetness.


Cafe-Select Crema Aroma Bean

A blend of South American and African coffees roasted for a smooth,

mild North Italian style espresso. Good body and drive through

Milky Drinks with a citrusy acidic finish


Cafe-Select Milano Espresso Bean

Deep, rich, chocolatey and punchy with a powerful liquorice and

rose water finish. Earthy notes throughout with an underlying spicy

chocolate feel. Excellent body that cuts through milky drinks well.


Cafe-Select Decaff Beans 

A pure Brazilian arabica coffee with the caffeine extracted using a special

water steaming process.

 Dark roasted to develop the fruity sweetness of a Central American coffee.


Coffee is extremely profitable, of course, and just a few pence of ingredients can convert into £1.50 – £2.80 for a cup, or even more with a little imagination and effort. Drop for drop, weight for weight, it’s more profitable than any alcoholic beverage!

Richard Barnes,
18 Nov 2010, 14:18
Richard Barnes,
18 Nov 2010, 14:13